Malabar Black Pepper, 250 Gram

Malabar Black Pepper, 250 Gram

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  • Nurtured by flowing streams and cooler temperatures of Vandiperiyar & Coorg, this bottle of Kerala/Coorg High Range Black Pepper Whole has a Unique Flavor very distinct from other varieties.
  • Every pack is Fresh and rooted in the Rich Earth for producing this flavorful Kali Mirch Sabut/Kali Mirch. The moment you open the jar, the distinct Fragrance hits you right away! Must have Spices in Pantry.
  • We source our whole spices in small batches from a fourth-generation farmer experienced in High Range Black Pepper farming. Authenticity and the Best taste guaranteed!
  • Dark Black colour is unique to our Black Pepper variety. Each batch is hand-harvested, very well sun-dried! No Artificial drying methods are used!
  • Our Black pepper whole/Kali Mirch Whole in Pantry comes directly from the farm. They are single-origin, procured in small batches, and naturally dried

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