Mix Dry Fruits, 250 Gram
  • Mix Dry Fruits, 250 Gram
  • Mix Dry Fruits, 250 Gram

Mix Dry Fruits, 250 Gram

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"lOurPlanetStore presents a luxurious 250-gram mix of premium dry fruits, carefully curated for your health and enjoyment. This sumptuous blend includes:

- Anjeer (Figs): Chewy and sweet, packed with fiber and minerals.
- Apricot: A delightful mix of dry and wet apricots, rich in vitamins and antioxidants.
- Pista (Pistachios): Nutty and satisfying, with heart-healthy fats.
- Black Kismiss (Raisins): Dark and dense with natural sugars and iron.
- Cashew: Creamy and crunchy, a great source of vitamins and minerals.
- Brown Kismiss (Raisins): Sweet and tart, loaded with energy.
- Badam (Almonds): Crisp and nutritious, ideal for brain health.
- Kiwi: Tangy and vibrant, full of vitamin C and digestive aids.
- Dry Dates: Chewy and sweet, high in fiber and essential nutrients.

Each fruit is selected for its quality and freshness, ensuring a diverse range of flavors and textures. Enjoy this wholesome snack anytime, anywhere, and embark on a tasty journey with OurPlanetStore's Dry Fruits Mix!

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